Episode 6

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23rd Apr 2024

How to get over overwhelm, and start making sense | Andy Hickman

Why isn't your life making sense, and how do you fix it?

On today’s episode of Potent, Steven is joined by Andy Hickman, founder of hēl, as they discuss the coaching practice’s core principles for achieving wholeness and alignment by reconnecting with physical senses and innate sensibilities. The two emphasize the importance of moving beyond abstract thought to nurture mental, emotional, and action-oriented aspects collectively, along with highlighting the significance of reflection, writing, and surrounding oneself with an inspiring community for personal growth and creativity.

About Today's Guest

Andy is the head coach and founder of hēl, a high-touch coaching practice that helps creators cultivate their spirituality through the reorganization of their physical senses. Interviewed by the David Allen Company® for his groundbreaking research on the connections between medieval philosophy and modern project management, he's been invited to speak for members of the U.S. Congress, Business leaders at organizations like FOCUS and Ernst & Young, and numerous popular podcasts.


Show Notes

01:55 Intro

02:22 What is hēl?

05:23 Experience of mental breakdown that led to hēl?

08:11 What's the way out of stress?

12:35 Productivity- not an isolated problem

15:53 We think of thinking as abstract

20:57 Ruminating takes energy

25:22 Practical advice to get moving?

33:53 The problem you think, probably isn't

38:32 Importance of pausing

44:59 "Rhythm" instead of schedule

53:05 1-year program


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