Episode 7

Published on:

7th May 2024

Returning back to your most authentic self | Kelly Wendorf

What’s stopping you from returning to the truest version of yourself?

On today’s episode of Potent, Steven is joined by Kelly Wendorf, founder and CEO of EQUUS, as they talk about rewilding, authenticity, and integrating nature-based experiences for personal and professional development, along with the challenges of finding belonging beyond societal labels, specifically presence, and self-awareness. Throughout the episode, the two also discuss embracing wisdom traditions, opening up to new perspectives, and optimizing personal growth through connection with oneself and nature.

About Today's Guest

Kelly Wendorf, Founding CEO of EQUUS, a leadership development firm, is an author, a socially responsible entrepreneur, disruptor, and expert in the art form of taking people through transformative change and onto meaningful levels of success, purpose, and profound fulfillment. She has been assisting her clients to navigate transformation for over 30 years, and in so doing has extensively researched this question: what conditions need to be created to allow people to live a life of deep authenticity, freedom, and joy? Having also experienced numerous tectonic shifts in her own life, she intimately knows the landscape of metamorphosis and transformative change. She has been called a corporate shaman and a CEO whisperer. Her work has been featured in Forbes, VOGUE, Huffington Post, and The New York Times. Her latest book Flying Lead Change – 56 Million Years of Wisdom for Leading and Living published by Sounds True, invites us to look to the evolutionary intelligence of nature, and nature-based wisdom to meet the challenges we face today. She works inside a spectrum of clientele – from Amazon to Microsoft to some of the most underserved communities. She serves her clients from all over the world remotely and also in person, alongside her talented co-facilitators––a herd of eight equines––on her small ranch just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

02:52 What is Rewilding?

11:28 From Corporate to Coaching with Horses

27:28 Navigating Spirituality and Business

38:12 The Essence of Presence and Overcoming Categorization

44:00 The Power of Presence

54:43 The Essence of Presence in Equine Principles

01:06:21 Practical Tips for Cultivating Presence

01:09:22 Rapid Fire Questions: Insights and Advice


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